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5 hrs Offshore Fishing ChartersDiscovery Fishing Charters, Gold Coast’ services the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Choose us for the best offshore or deep sea fishing charter anywhere on the coast. If you’ve got a bucks, or hens Party, maybe a Corporate Event planned or just want to reward your workers for their efforts, There is no other comparison for price, service, or good old fashion service.

Various places, boast of varieties of adventures and rare finds.  Some have steep mountains for trekking.  Others have caves for spelunking.

The Gold Coast has it all, But have you ever tried a fishing charter on the Gold Coast? For water or Deep sea Offshore Fishing enthusiasts, this is for you. The ‘Gold Coast Fishing Charter’ scene.  This adventure is a must-try for family trips, BirthdaysBucks parties and much more.  

5 hrs Afternoon Fishing Charters

‘Gold Coast Fishing Charters’ start your fishing adventure with Jigging, the true art of catching with live bait.  The purpose of the live bait, is to lure the big game fish, Tuna, Cobia, Bonito, Marlin, Mackerel, Dolphin Fish and many others that fight really hard and give you the most from your fishing charter experience.

Ffishing entails fun-filled ways of catching a diversity of fish.  Be it in a competition or in a less physically tasking bonding activity with family and friends.

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5 hrs Whole Boat 12 Mates Fishing Charters

9 hrs Whole Boat 12 Mates Fishing Charters

 Gold Coast Calm water Fishing Charters

4 hrs Calm Water Fishing Charters

 Gold Coast Bucks Party Fishing Charters

5 hrs Whole Boat Bucks Party Fishing

Bucks Party Fishing trip, For your best chance of catching a Snapper, Cobia, Teraglin Jewfish, or Tuna.  Are just enough to stir an ecological awe. Gold Coast Fishing Charters has enriched marine shelter, thus making it suitable for various species of reef fish. Game fishing Charters are offered to tourists, locals and marine enthusiasts.

NEW ‘Full Moon Charters

Full Moon Fishing Charters Gold Coast

Howl at the moon because Discovery Fishing Charters, Gold Coast now offers full moon fishing charters! Only available 7 nights a month, this exciting tour will take you to further extremes of deep sea fishing. Departing 4.30pm and returning 9.30pm during the full moon will deliver the perfect timing for keen fishermen/ women and children. Come and try this new offer, available for a limited time only, seats for this activity sell fast so make sure you book now before its too late! Discovery Fishing Charters, Gold Coast, a five hour charter like no other, a real outdoor fishing adventure! New to fishing? Never to fear our skipper and deck man will both be there to assist with all your fishing needs, tips and safety procedures so you can relax and enjoy your charter.
They will even provide all your fishing equipment, bait and tackle, ice cold water and soft drinks. And they’ll let you bring anything you like in the way of food, drink and alcohol. 
Sounds pretty good to me!


Gift Vouchers -ideal for every occasion!

We cater for all ages and events, let us know your thoughts and we can plan the perfect charter just for you.
Our vouchers are valid for up to 6 months, enquire now for more info.

Gold Coast Fishing Charters are available now!

This week, go Deep sea Fishing, on our off shore boat. rods, bait, tackle, drinks provided. Birthday – Xmas  any reason. Deep sea fishing is a total experience. For lovers of offshore Fishing. There is so much to see, Whales, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, a completely amazing experience. Reef Fishing is not just for experienced fishermen, it’s for families, kids, novices, groups, bucks or single anglers.


Company policy 50% Deposit, is required to secure your place.  Deposits can be made with a credit card. All charters. are subject to bookings,  Availability and weather conditions.

Cancellation policy Cancellation must be sent via email 14 or more days prior to your fishing  boarding time.  We will make every effort to fill your place if we can we will return a voucher which is redeemable within 6 months of issue. A 2% credit card fee is payable and is non refundable.

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