Gold Coast Fish Species







Gold Coast Fish Species

A page dedicated to fishing anglers from all over the world for specific information regarding what types of fish you can catch in the Gold Coast

Discovery Fishing Charters provides a helpful guide for all fishing anglers to help them summarize and identify the various fish types they could catch. Here we cover two fish seasons, summer and winter for deep sea and game fishing that you could catch while fishing in the Gold Coast. You have the opportunity to catch some fish species in both seasons however during different types of the year various fish are predominant. This is more of a basic fishing guide, we could go more in detail and provide sub categories however we have kept it simple so everyone can understand. As there are legal size and bag limits on fish you can catch, we have only included fish in which is sizeable and eatable. We highly recommend letting all other fish go, if you can't eat don't keep it.

Because size limits are open to change, we have not included this information, for this please visit your local fishing store or Australian government websites to guarantee accuracy.

The Gold Coast, Australia is a 'Southern Fishery' the fish is deep and the water is cold. This is because of the location of Australia/ New Zealand (and various islands in between) located in the 'Pacific Ocean'. Our coastline is the 'Tasman Sea'. We may be biased but our opinion is that southern fish is the nicest tasting fish around. Follow this link to our next page where we show you many recipes on cooking various types of fish that we promise will make your mouth water!


Summer Season:

Below is a list of pelagic however most winter fish are still caught during the summer.

Marlin dolphinfish
Blue & Black Marlin

Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi)

The fastest growing fish in the ocean.

school mackerel spanish mackerel








School Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel
mackerel-spotted sailfish
Spotted Mackerel Sail Fish






A prize game fish.

Mack Tuna

yellowfin tuna




Yellowfin Tuna



Winter Season:

During the winter season Discovery puts the lures away and fishes the bottom of the sea.

Amber Jack australian-salmon
Amber Jack Australian Salmon (NZ Kahwai)
Cobia flounder

Cobia (Black Kingfish)

One of Discovery's favourite tasting fish

grass empror greasy rock cod
Grass Emperor Greasy Rock Cod
hussar fish moses perch
Hussar Moses Perch (Fingermark)
parrot fish pearl_perch
Parrot Fish Pearl Perch
pink-snapper rosy jobfish
Pink Snapper Rosy Jobfish
samson-fish sweetlip
Sampson Sweetlip
tailor trag jew
Tailor Trag Jew (Teraglin)





Giant/ Golden Trevally Silver Trevally



wrasse pig fish


Venus Tuskfish Wrasse/ Pig Fish

wolf herring


yellowtail kingfish


Wolf Herring

Yellowtail Kingfish


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