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Cobia Fishing Gold Coast

Cobia Fishing Gold Coast

Cobia Fishing Gold Coast

There are few fish that can equal the battling capacity of the compelling Cobia, Harvest time and Winter months are the prime time to focus on these animals on the nearby reefs off the Gold drift. Huge cobia tend to trail whales and sharks searching for pieces of sustenance. In the event that there is whales or sharks in the region you can make sure that the packs of cobia wont be far away.

Cobia Fishing Gold Coast Fishing Charters

Substantial Cobia are frequently confused for sharks, when snared they tend to ascend to the surface with there tail and dorsal blade jabbing out over the surface and it can be difficult to differentiate now and again, until the point that you get them somewhat nearer to the vessel.

Cobia Fishing Gold Coast Aboard Discovery

You can get Cobia year round in Queensland yet likely the least demanding time is amid colder long stretches of may-September. they extend in estimate from little to 45 kgs. Sight looking for these critters makes for some extremely energising angling when they turn up under the pontoon in the burly trail, some days they will crush anything that is tossed at them, different days they can be finicky and specific, even from a pessimistic standpoint they can be down right disappointing, a few times you can toss all that you have at them and they will turn their noses up and just swim away. Cobia Fishing Gold Coast

Cobia are a genuine fish are not kidding fish require genuine handle, shabby garbage wont measure up, given the possibility, cobia will frequently set out toward the base and cut you off on the reef, with these beasts, suggested equip is either overhead or greater string line reels spooled with 15kg primary line, offerings from producers like shimano and Penn and preferably suited for getting XL estimate cobia.

Forceful crafty feeders, Cobia regularly chase in packs pursuing sustenance from the surface to the base. They will eat pretty much everything, as a rule while targetting cobia live goads, for example, Yellowtail, vile mackerel and tailor work best. They will however likewise react to dead draws including pilchards, mullet, fish filets, crabs and little sting beams. Burley definately helps while targetting cobia seaward, a consistent stream of pounded fish will draw the enormous savages in to the goads. Live draws ought to be set at different profundities both under inflatables and stuck to the base.

Cobia Fishing

Irrefutably, when Gold drift Cobia angling what is working one day may not work the following day. Exploring different avenues regarding distinctive traps at various profundities. An eager fish will strike nearly anything hurled toward its

Finding a Cobia normally requires in excess of a one endeavour, for the most part you will get it near the pontoon just to watch it turn and make another keep running for the base. Frequently once snared they will head in the water section and surface like a shark, they will regularly attempt and circle the pontoon which winds up confused when angling at grapple, however with mind the pole can be nourished under the stay rope and the monsters can be landed, once vessel side a gaff is a basic thing.

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